(Yes, that was me.)

Who am I?

I’m a Christian with strong, sometimes controversial convictions, including my philosophy on opinions, which is: The truth should withstand all logical attacks. I’m a definite nerd, and this often results in large or obscure words in my articles, so keep a dictionary handy.[1n] Empathy doesn’t always occur to me when it should, but God and I are working on that; please bear this in mind as you read my blog posts.

My Interests

I’m extremely interested in apologetics and theology, philosophy and logic, and programming. I’m moderately interested in politics, bicycling, etymology, and literature. And I’m slightly interested in all disciplines of science. I obsess over all my interests one at a time, for a period of time approximately proportional to my interest in the topic. The one obsession which I haven’t put down since I picked it up is over the topic of this blog’s title: God, I AM, Jehovah, Christ, YHWH.


  1. I recommend Answers.com, which draws on several sources, both general and specialized. In case you can show me a clean (hopefully online) dictionary of common words, I would greatly appreciate it.

One Response to Welcome!

  1. Tim says:

    Aww…how cute!

    Glad you finally made this blog! I’ll enjoy reading what you have to say!


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